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001. No Dianna and Mark Bashing.
That goes for the characters they portray and their cast mates. All posts and comments like this will be deleted. The member(s) that violate this rule will be warned/banned immediately.

002. All Posts Are Members Only

003. Post must be Dianna and Mark (Puck/Quinn) related.
These include posts containing news, spoilers, pictures, graphics, etc.

004. Images wider than 470 pixels must go under a lj cut.

005. Tag your posts.
Please tag all of your posts with our existing tags. If you need a tag that isn't on the list just let one of the mods know.

006. Site your source.

007. Respect all members.

Dianna & Mark
the community

If you're a fan of Dianna and Mark, whether it's as a couple or friends, then this is the place for you. Here you'll find the latest news, pictures and graphics related to our favorite pair.

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